Urban display,
connected object & design

Market leader in LED displays connected communication solutions, Charvet Digital Media shares its know-how and expertise with its clients, for more than 35 years.

Seeking digital communication solutions that connect to a world in constant evolution, the company innovates constantly in terms of technology, design, and easy to manage solutions.
iGirouette® is the result of this ambition

A the beginning of the project there is a meeting between Charvet Digital Media and Biin, a young company that conceive and realize connected objects to answer tomorrow digital uses. Charvet Digital Media engaged with them to conceive, develop, industrialize, and sale iGIrouette®, and asks famous agency EDDS Design, to think iGirouette® appearance.

More information : www.charvet-digitalmedia.com

Panneau d'affichage interactif en ville (Lyon-Paris)