iGirouette’ Use


Communicate, Orientate, Connect… Let iGirouette be your guide!

iGirouette’ Use

Points of interest, public venues, and buildings, sights, and monuments, shopping centers, trade fairs, concerts and shows, public transport, sports centers… The applications and uses of the iGirouette® are infinite:

> Smart cities, towns and local authorities: event information, urban transport, promotion of soft mobility…
> Shopping centers and retail parks: commercial advertising and information, customer experience, crowd management, customer paths…
> Transport networks (airports, stations…): passenger information and support, crowd management…
> Sports arenas (stadiums, sports centers, Olympic parks, etc.), attractions (amusement parks, theme parks, etc.): event’s advertising, visitor and spectator experience, crowd management…
> Tourism resort (coastal and mountain): event’s information, visitor’s support, etc.
> Exhibition and convention centers: visitor’s orientation/exhibitor paths, etc.

iGirouette can adapt to all your uses, communicating with your audience to meet your needs.

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