Case study

iGirouette® in Paris La Défense!

Paris La Défense is installing new iGirouette® near the Grande Arche and at the Esplanade metro station. This is the beginning of a four-month experiment!

  • Place Place
    Paris La Défense
  • Client Client
    Paris La Défense
  • Sector Sector
    European Business District
  • Target Target
    Workers, visitors and tourists


How to facilitate the orientation of its workers, visitors and tourists and improve its communication in real time?

The iGirouette® solution

The iGirouette® installed in the first European business district are used as a complement to their non-dynamic signage.  They indicate the events organised (e. g. Les Extatiques, Garden Parvis, Exhibition on the 30th anniversary of the great Ark, the firemen’s ball on 14 July…) but also hotels, tours and parks. Thus, Paris la Défense can communicate with its target audience in a real, and innovative way! A new dynamic of proximity is taking shape and facilitating the experience of all workers, tourists and visitors.

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