Your goals

Drive to store! Optimising customer paths…

I’m a shopping arcade, a shopping centre….


I’m looking for a way of encouraging passers-by, local residents, customers and others to enter my shopping area and buy.

Our solution

iGirouette® is the right solution for you!
iGirouette® is an interactive signs and wayfinding that attracts customers and guides them to their points of interest, customising real-time messages and information, for example details of sales promotions or events to match the tastes and location of each customer.

Our strong points

  • Create a customer path to suit each person and guide them to create the best possible customer experience (retail, cinema, restaurant, services, parking…)
  • Benefit from better-informed customers who are in the ideal frame of mind to buy. They will stay longer, spend more, want to come back and will talk about their positive customer experience (word of mouth and social media)
  • Offer visitors tailored promotions, in the right language and promote your own and other advertising campaigns
  • In today’s high-end and innovative shopping centres, iGirouette® creates a very different image – a positive reputation
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