Your goals

Easy orientation and people management

I’m a town, a shopping centre, a public transport network, a sports centre, a tourist sight, a leisure attraction, a university campus, a health facility or any venue that hosts public events…


I’m looking for a system to guide my audience to points of interest. I want to improve orientation and manage the flow of people. I want to reduce waiting times and queues and better manage people traffic in busy areas…

Our solution

iGirouette® is the best solution for you!
iGirouette® is a traffic control signs that indicates in real-time the direction to take, the journey time and the distance to the destination or event.

  • 2 dynamic arrows turning 360° to point to a place
  • Interactive information displayed on very high-resolution screens
  • Visible close-up or from a distance
  • A symbol (light) at the top of the mast: a point of reference and information

Benefits: electronic traffic management signs, digital technology in a public space, enriched social connections, new proximity dynamic, a genuine digital experiment…

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