Your goals

Improve the experience for visitors and tourists

I’m a theme park, fun fair, amusement park…or a holiday resort by the sea or in the mountains…


I’m looking for a system for directing my visitors: to rides, tourist sights, available parking, public transport, toilets, eating areas, bars, shops, etc.
I want to improve visitor orientation and routes, and better manage the incoming and outgoing flow of people and cars. I want to reduce queues and waiting times and better manage people traffic in busy areas…

Our solution

iGirouette is the right solution for you.

iGirouette® is a connected and digital street furniture that indicates in real-time the direction to take, the journey time, the distance to the destination, the waiting time and can redirect to complementary or commercial events (merchandising)


Advantages / benefits

Create a path adapted to each visitor, generate emotion and guide them for a positive, enriching experience and the best possible visit.
Offer visitors, tourists and spectators personalised and tailored information in the right language and perfectly in line with commercial advertising.

The experience

> My visitor experience is excellent and encourages me to return,
> I can put my phone away and enjoy the venue!
> I can really enjoy the moment – I’m not worried about finding my way or wasting time.
> The visitor experience is improved, creates a buzz and generates visitor loyalty,
> iGirouette® turns my theme park into an animated space!

As public spaces increasingly embrace digital technology, iGirouette® creates an innovative, breakaway image – a positive reputation.

  • 2 dynamic arrows turning 360° to point to a place
  • A connected and digital street furniture with information displayed on very high-resolution screens
  • Visible close-up or from a distance
  • A symbol (light) at the top of the mast: a point of reference and information
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