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Satisfaction survey

The communication / marketing team went to Paris la Défense to quantify the satisfaction of passers-by as well as their expectations on our innovative signage: iGirouette.

The satisfaction survey allowed us to highlight 4 big figures:

  • 76% of passers-by noticed the iGirouette
  • 80% of passers-by are satisfied with the quality of the messages
  • 80% looked at the information written on the arrows
  • 85% are satisfied with the styling of the iGirouette


Passers-by want feedback in real time related to transport, events and tips from the neighborhood.

To conclude, following this survey we can see the satisfaction of passers-by about iGirouette signage.

We listen to you and we do everything to offer you an ever more attractive signage that meets your needs.

iGirouette - Paris La Défense
iGirouette – Paris La Défense
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