Your goals

Bring back visibility to your associated services!

I am a university campus, a city, a shopping mall, a health facility…


I am looking for a way to inform my public about the services I offer: reception, library, open days, events (conferences, concerts, entertainment, activities…). I would like to highlight my establishment, and encourage my audience to use all my associated services.

Our solution

iGirouette® is the best solution for you!
iGirouette® is a traffic control signs that indicates in real-time the direction to take, the journey time and the distance to the destination, service or event.

  • 2 dynamic arrows turning 360° to point to a place
  • Interactive information displayed on very high-resolution screens
  • Visible close-up or from a distance
  • A connected mobile application interacting with iGirouette®

Advantages / Benefits

I am moving towards a new dynamic of proximity. I am living a digital experimentation, which differentiates me and gives me real added value. My communication is generating a buzz and my audience is attentive to my services.

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