Your goals

Soft mobility: raising awareness

I’m a town, a local authority, a Smart City…


I’m looking for a way to encourage local residents and tourists to use collective transport and soft mobility resources: walking, cycling, bus, metro, tram, etc. or any other environmentally-friendly means of transport to reduce the use of motorised vehicles in our ecological footprint.

Our solution

iGirouette® is the ideal solution for you!
iGirouette® is a directional signs that indicates all the possible transport connections: car parks, bike stations, buses, metros, trams, shuttle buses and more…

Our strong points

  • LED directional signs showing the soft mobility solutions available using color symbols
  • A number of parking spaces available, the time until the next bus, tram, metro, etc.


  • People: improve their quality of life, raise awareness about soft mobility, use of urban digital technology
  • Community: build social connections, a new proximity dynamic
  • Image: become a smart city, benefit from an urban digital experiment and embrace a digital initiative in public spaces.
  • Cost: make other services more visible, boost local businesses, generate value.
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