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Customised information!


Let yourself be guided to your points of interest thanks to our variable-message sign system !

Customised information!


Where do you want to go? What would you like to do?


“…iGirouette tells us that the museum is only a 10-minute walk away, which encourages us to walk instead of taking the car…”

An inhabitant of the Confluence neighborhood

Our solution

Make the most of our variable-message sign, including the VMS system. In a city centre, a sports arena, an amusement park, a station, a shopping centre, a holiday resort, a convention centre…
> I am drawn to the iGirouette® that displays a place that I’m interested in,
> I ask the iGirouette® to guide me to my chosen destination,
> I’m guided through my environment by the iGirouette® network,
> I’m encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport.
> I can put my phone away and enjoy my surroundings!


  • Citizen: improved quality of life, awareness of soft mobility resources, use of urban digital technology
  • Community: enriched social connections, new proximity dynamic
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