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Smart signs


A smart directional signage with a simple and easy app! Let it guide you to your points of interest…

Smart signs

I’m interested in a venue, an event, a show… But I don’t know how to get there, where the venue is exactly or how far it is…

Our solution

Using the iGirouette® app on my mobile phone, I can choose whatever points of interest I fancy.
Because it is a smart directional sign, iGirouette® immediately tells me the way to go, the distance and the journey time to my destination.

The experience

> I am drawn to the iGirouette® that displays a place that I’m interested in,
> I ask the iGirouette® to guide me to my chosen destination,
> I’m guided through my environment by the iGirouette® network,
> I’m encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport.
> I can put my phone away and enjoy my surroundings!

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