Ultra connected directional sign

iGirouette® Revolution


Your information be geo-located and displayed in real time,

Everyone able to ask on site for their ways to their point of interests,

Urban signs in interaction with social networks,

Your directional signs able to display locations – travel mode – duration and distances, to answer mobility issues.


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is today
with iGirouette®.

A clever signage

Each iGirouette® displays in real time locations, time to go, distances, and travel mode.
It also allows to schedule and display messages (text, logo, animation).

The first social network is the city!

Thanks to its feeds connections (traffic information systems, available bike parks, events calendar, …and even feeds from social networks), iGirouette® is able to display in real time information that makes city, and other locations like shopping mall, university campus, exhibition or leisure park, alive!

Pure design

iGirouette®, registered model, property of Charvet Industries SA, and patented technology, has been designed by renowned designers (EDDS Design, France).
Its silhouette offers a unique look that fits into every outdoor or indoor environment.
Each arrow is surrounding by a light field that changes colors when iGirouette® identifies a user passing by.

Double sided LED displays

iGirouette® , features 2 double sided LED directional arrows that display different messages (text, logo and animation).

At the cutting edge of technology

Two arrows rotating about their central axis:

– Each arrow is independent and positions itself in 15s maximum.

– Complete rotation, from 0° to 360°, with a +/- 2.5° precision.

– Message duration is customisable.

Multilingual messages

Connected to Internet feeds and social networks*, iGirouette® is able to identify languages, and can change messages according to these inputs.

* According to a predefined message list

A dedicated mobile application

A downloadable mobile application* on line or through QR code allows to connect to iGirouette® from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

* Available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone



Download our iGirouette® commercial brochure:

iGirouette commercial brochure